Philippines Photograph Montage 3.31.15

It’s that time once again, loyal viewers – so prepare your poor eyeballs as we continue to try to learn how to take photos with our “new” Sony Cybershot.   🙂




I took this shot one morning at the Dumaguete public market.   [One of my passions is going to early morning motorcycle rides around the city and it’s cool and picturesque environs.  I haven’t been able to do this as much as I like to as of late due to my injury and thoroughly no-cooperative sciatica, but now and then I am able to mount my trusy YBR125 and roar (or rather, putter) off into the morning…]  This was taken in a busy eating area on the eastern side of the market that specializes in puto ( sticky rice cakes covered in hot chocolate sauce).  I had a coffee at this little shop, and the proprietors were kind enough to pose for a shot.



 This was also taken that morning in the Dumaguete public market.  Barber shops are peppered all over the Philippines – often serving as an impromptu center of catching up on chizmis (gossip) and seeing friends you haven’t touched base with in a while.  A number of barbers and stylists are bayot (gay), and this kind dong was nice enough to let me catch a morning snapshot of what for him will be a long day.


I stopped by Taco Tayo on South Road one late afternoon after an “exhausting” day hanging around the beach in Dauin.  Taco Tayo has been in business for about a year now and has become a popular destination for those looking for a good, inexpensive meal.  It started out as a simple stand with an electric skillet and they have been steadily expanding the size of the restaurant (and the menu) ever since.  



Here’s my late lunch that day.  Home made salsa and soft shell tacos make for a delectable Mexican snack (12,000 miles from Mexico).  Add a cold Pilsen and you’re good!



The Taco Tayo staff was nice enough to pose for a group photos after I woofed down my meal.  Actually, convincing Filipinos to pose for a photo doesn’t take a whole lot of effort…..


Uh oh, boys – we lost another one…….  This was taken down on the Dumaguete waterfront.  Newlyweds often stop by here for some professional wedding photos.  This couple clearly shows the Spanish heritage that still runs strongly in the Philippines – she, in particular, looks EXTREMELY Spanish.   🙂



This was also taken down on Rizal Boulevard.  This young fisherman is sorting through some small fish that has been drying atop a fish trap.  In case you haven’t heard, dried fish is HUGE in the Philippines and possesses a rather distinctive odor when being fried up.  😉


Condo Sign with Starbucks

 It’s official – Dumaguete has hit the big time.   This condo is being constructed on the southern end of the boulevard.  And since foreigners cannot own land in the Philippines but CAN own condos, I am sure a number of the units have already been spoken for.  I wouldn’t mind having a unit myself, and if I had the funds, I might just do it.  Dumaguete is going to do nothing but continue to grow and the price of properties will (probably) continue to climb.  The locating of the place is also pretty frikken sweet and it will benefit from the nice breezes that come in of the water.  Also, if you look very close, you will see a Starbucks shop on the first floor – there goes the neighborhood…



This young day works the early morning shift on their family’s  produce stall in the market.  After that, she heads off to Foundation University for a full day of classes.  Now, that’s a work ethic!



 I was testing out the Sony’s zoom capability and took this surreptitious shot – felt like I was an investigator on Cheaters on something.  Regardless, I thought is caught a pretty cool moment of a couple taking an early evening stroll along the boulevard.  (Apologies to the subjects.)



I took this at the same time I was taking a video of these fishermen clearing their morning nets.  The video quality of the Cybershot is quite good, and we will probably be using it more than the GoPro when it comes to getting footage.  The video of this also came out pretty sweet, and man, was that a lot of fish…… 



I love the majestic acacia trees that line Rizal Boulevard.  They are truly stunning (and protected by law, I believe).  



Here’s a local taking his pooch for a stroll.  I found the photo interesting as you don’t normally see that breed of hound in the Philippines – usually it’s Japanese Spitzes.  



Here’s my neighbor out taking him baby cow for a walk.  He comes by every morning and we always say hi.  He doesn’t speak English that well and I am clueless as to bisaya and Tagalog, but our message nonetheless gets conveyed.



Here’s a common sight out on the water in front of the city – one of the ferries that endlessly ply between Dumaguete and Dapitan on Mindanao.  The ferry system in the Philippines is extensive, linking the thousands of islands together and transferring innumerable passengers and cargo each and every day.  

So, I hope you enjoyed this installment.  We took some time off from our You Tube and website these past couple of weeks but expect some new content up soon!


  1. Ned, great pics. Your compositions allow me to be there in spirit even though I am not there physically. Always, looking forward to your photos, videos, and articles every morning when I get in to the workplace. Need to start my day off on the right track with a cup of coffee and visiting the PhilippineDreams youtube channel and the myPhilippineDreams website.

    1. Back seems to be doing a little better. MRI in the states said prominent herniation on L5/S1 and radiculopathy. Probably going to get a series of epidural steroid shots into my spine.

  2. I Love evry thing about philippine, is just as if my apirit is already there, i pray to God to come there one day.

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