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  1. Hello ned and michelle; I am from the US and I love your videos.I plan to retire there and or meet a fabulous woman like michelle.It would be great if you could allow me to contact you and get some information and advice.I have been to the philipinnes 1 time and fell in love with the place.I know there is some preparation and many things to do before making the move and I really could use some help.Next time I come there I will take you and your beautiful girlfriend to dinner.I plan to visit again this year.Thank you and I hope to hear from you.Keep up the good work.pslove the kids 🙂

      1. Hi Ned. my name’s Dale, sent you a email in december had some questions one of them was what would you like for christmas. Got no reply, Your forgiven. I landed in dumaguete the 31st. You were a big reason I chose dumaguete over some other places. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I made a great choice, I’m at the dumaguete studio apts. I’d like to set up a meet to thank you in person….use to live in Salem and wife was from Marblehead

  2. Hi Ned, have you done a video on the safest and most cost effective way to get your money over there. For instance, a first time trip for a few months, what does one do? Bring traveler cheques? Cash? (doubt you bring over $1000’s worth of pesos) or do you open a bank account when you get there and transfer money? All advice would be great. Thanks

    1. I would just bring lots of cash. SOME banks will let you open an account with just your passport and state drivers license – others want you to have your ACR card from Immigration which you have to wait 90 days for. Don’t bring travelers checks as they are a pain – or impossible – to cash. A cash card can also work. Credit cards and your ATM card will work on some networks here, but you will get hammered with fees. I just brought over about 4K USD, but I was able to set up a BPI account a week after I arrived. Hope that helps. More here:

    2. I have spent well over a year in Manila in the past two years. My main bank is Wells Fargo, and they charge a $5.00 International ATM fee. I found another Bank I use Great Western Bank in the USA “which is actually an Australian based Bank” only has a $2.00 International ATM fee. Also the Philippine bank hits you for a small fee, I think like $1.50 or so if I remember correctly. The most you can get out of an ATM at one time is 10,000 Philippine pesos or about $217.00 at the currrent exchange rate, not so bad for me. I tried a trick I heard of writing myself a personal check once. Not only did it take well over a month to clear. They use what is called an “Intermediary Bank” I think it was Duesche or something. And that bank charged a fee well greater than the ATM fee!

  3. Really enjoy your video blog.

    There are quite a few out there with their own styles, but you method of removing distractions, animals sounds aside, and using lists to keep on track helps get the message across really well.

    I have just been checking out your archive but see nothing on the visa application/renewal process.

    I see a number of conflicting blog reports from other ‘ramblers’ which often contradict each other.

    I think also the rules have recently changed. As a visitor you can now get a 6 month visa.

    One blog the other day said you can only stay 12 months in the Philippines without a break, as I am coming from Europe I guess that would mean a weekend in a neighboring country., if true.

    I plan to arrive and get the 30 stamp at the airport, stay in a hotel for 30 days (or at least make a reservation for that long) whilst I house hunt.

    If I am right, after passing through immigration, I can immediately extend my visa at he airport to 56 days. Is that right?

    If you know of a recent blog with all the correct information, that would be fine.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Steve. Tourist visas are very simple here, so don’t get hung up on it. Yes, there are six month visas now, but you have to pay up front for them and if you decide to leave early, that money is gone. Just do the one month extensions and then the two month extensions when you eligible for them.


  4. Hi, I watched your video on feeding the street kids. So I have donated some money so it may help to feed some more kids. Thanks for the videos you both do and also your kind hearts. Matt. Australia.

  5. Greetings!
    Have been married to a Filipina for 31 years and take it from me, they cannot be trained! my wife is very accommodating, but it would be easier to teach a worm to do somersaults then to try to make her do or say something if she is not that way inclined, love what you guys do, what you say is what it is , well balanced and the truth, good or bad.
    as for Michelle, she is beautiful and at 78 years of age all I can do is give a compliment where one is needed, don’t forget to tell her you love her, at least once a day, she deserves it! always look forward to you next video love following your adventures, we have a 29 year old unmarried son and I wish he could find a nice Filipina to settle down with, and be as Happy as I have been, God bless you both, keep up the good work, be happy! Bye…Bye for now…..Claude
    PS we live in Australia!

  6. Hi Ned I just had a question about living in the Philippines for an American person who wants to retire there um I’m not yet ready to retire I’m only 38 but is it true for an foreigner do you have to pay the government 3500 dollar’s just to stay in the country? You can reach me on Facebook derick Allen are by my email thanks hope to here from you soon. Oh I would of gotten an AC to I’m also a princess 🙂

  7. For anyone heading overseas from the US the Schwab debit card is what you want – a fact very well documented on the web… no minimums, no exchange fees, no ATM fees and they even reimburse overseas ATM fees. What’s not to like?

  8. Hey Ned just letting you know I did also message you on Facebook but just thought you would like to know that picture of the Chocolate Hills you have on this site and on Facebook is actually a picture of the Pyramidal Hills of Luoping in China. Cheers mate

      1. I had read you had an accident on a rough road that broke your back. I was wondering if you were on a motorcycle or in your SUV. Also, I mentioned that I have had neck, back, and knee surgery following a car accident in DEC 2013, and I am still coping with pain and stiffness. I was wondering what you are doing to cope with these symptoms – you seem to be doing well (at least, you look well) in your videos. Thanks.

  9. Maraming salamat Ned!

    Actually, the post I was writing to you about was the one just above –

    “I had read you had an accident on a rough road that broke your back. I was wondering if you were on a motorcycle or in your SUV. Also, I mentioned that I have had neck, back, and knee surgery following a car accident in DEC 2013, and I am still coping with pain and stiffness. I was wondering what you are doing to cope with these symptoms – you seem to be doing well (at least, you look well) in your videos. Thanks.”

  10. Hello Ned and Michelle,
    I don”t have Facebook, so I hope you can reply. I live in the US and I’m married to a Filipina from Mindanao. My Filipino co-worker is from Dumaghette and we both enjoy your videos. He is from Dumaghette and owns a house and other property there. He asked me to write you and ask if you and Michelle would find buyers for a piece of property he has there. You both can have the 5%or 6% sellers fee and make yourselves some money. May you can advertise on video, or by word of mouth. Its approx. 2,000 sq. meters in SanJose ext street 1 minute from center of city. 17 million pesos ( negotiable ) contact me at my email below. Salamat

  11. Hello Ned and Michelle,
    Great videos and great information. I have two questions. Do the two of you break up the household chores or does the house husband do them and can I but stock in Ned’s diamond mine, My gosh that ring on Michelle’s finger is huge, HUGE!!
    So here is my rel question, does she wear the ring out in public or is it worn in discretion?

    Thanks you guys,


  12. Hello Ned and Michelle,
    Great videos and great information. I have two questions. Do the two of you break up the household chores or does the house husband do them and can I but stock in Ned’s diamond mine? My gosh the ring on Michelle’s finger is huge, HUGE!!
    So here is my real question, does she wear the ring out in public or is it worn in discretion?

    Thanks you guys,


    1. Truth be told, I do most of the chores around the house. Michell works around 50 hours a week, so it’s the least I can do. Michell does wear the ring – if she is in sketchier areas, she takes it off, though. Thanks for the feedback, John.

  13. Hi guys i hope ur well, love the vid’s, i payed for a book ( philippino dream ) a few months ago and it has’nt come yet, i have changed adress but i did let the post office know before hand and its good for 6 months… new adress 17 wright ave redbank plains Queensland Australia 4301, thank u..

  14. Dear friends,
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    Apart from a unique perspective, the author gives valuable insights from outside the cultural box and expresses a view many men share, but few have freely and honestly expressed to this day. While this book is a celebration of actual femininity, it begins with the antithesis of the feminine, with what has gone wrong with feminism and western women, in order to subsequently carve out the glory of authentic woman.
    “Unhidden Faces” has the potential to become a cult-book, it gives real hope to men, is highly enlightening and sharply entertaining to honest women–and it has the literary and spiritual depth of personal authenticity.
    This book guarantees controversy, but ultimately offers one of those timeless stories about love that just must not be missed…To read the first 20% click here:
    Friendly greetings,
    Fritz Blackburn

  15. Hi, I have several questions.
    Are you going to fabricate a grill for the dirty kitchen?
    How is the process for getting a Philippines license?
    What is the square foot of the pink house?
    How often do your fiance parents visit you at the pink house?
    How difficult was transitioning to the metric system?
    I know a few words of Tagalog, how difficult is it to learn?
    I do have a Tagalog phrase book.
    Can you put your go pro on your helmet and travel around (I might not have watched that video if you have).

    I enjoy your videos, you are more positive than other videos on YouTube.
    Your videos are very informative.
    I don’t have facebook, if you could reply to the email or on here that would be great.

    1. Grill? Nope.
      Philippines license? Convert English language license to Philippines license after 90 days.
      Pink House square footage? No idea. It’s like a double-wide trailer.
      Her mom has come to the house twice.
      Metric system? I still have no idea.
      Tagalog? It’s pretty hard to learn. Spanish and French is EZ; Filipino not so much.
      GoPro on helmet? Did that on “Morning Ride in Dumaguete.”
      Thanks, Wes.

  16. Ned, have you seen this guy’s channel? He’s popular with Sez Style and has mentioned you and other Dumaguete expats, Bud, Henry, et al, none too favorably.

  17. Ref Chasing Your Philippine Dream Book : Great book enjoyed reading it. Last version I had was the 8.06 MB version with 380 pages. When I went to my order I was told that my subscription was expired and that it needed to be reset. Can you reset it for me, thanks.
    Till Sunderman
    U.S.Army Retired

  18. Hi guys,

    Your videos are great! Really enjoy watching them. I’m going to be heading over there to the very northern part of the Philippines in a few months but had a general question for you. You guys travel around quite a bit and I was wondering if you (Ned) have ever had any trouble there as far as crime or anything of that nature? I hate to ask such a negative question but I had a very bad experience during a taxi ride in Peru many years ago. As Americans we sick out like sore thumbs. You have been there for quite some time now and I was just wondering how things were from that standpoint. Sorry I’m probably the last human on earth that doesn’t have a face book account or I would have contacted you that way. LOL Thanks

  19. It`s possible to meet You and Michell at 27., 28., or 29. December! When “yes”, then let me know witch date, time and place and i wait with my girlfriend of You and Michell for a dinner!
    I buy all from you and support the woman, where her husband was killed!
    I need more information, then i want live in the Philippines if i get retired!

  20. I have been following you on you tube. And I have been chatting with a Filipina for a long time now. May 1st I Will be moving to the Philippines to Oroquieta City in Misamis Occidental. I have a 90 day Visa. I understand that the voltage is 220 there just what kind of converter do I need for my laptop. I also from New England Massachysetts

  21. Ned,
    Fortunately, I don’t have facebook. Way too much spam from “friends,” so, I just use Viber, email or text messaging.
    I need a expat to test bandwith speed there in the Philippines for me for a new service called American TV2Go.
    I want to subscribe to them when I move there but there is some issues about internet speed.
    Could you please contact Tyler Sherwin at and be a test subject at no cost to you.
    Mark B.

  22. Hi my name is Chris an I have considered the idea of living their. I have watched some of the videos you’ve produced an they are very informative. My VA comp an pension is around 3,300.00 a month. could I afford to live their? Also I went through a lengthy divorce, anyway my desire to come is not to get married. Also can expats find menial employment their? Thanks

  23. Thanks in advance Ned. I was Googling foil backed insulation in the Philippines and your story came up. It looks like investing in that 10 mm foil backed is worth it even in a rental house. I am guessing that will cut down on my a/c electric cost enough to pay for itself in one year.

  24. Hello Ned,
    I plan on coming to the Philippines within a year. I thoroughly enjoy your videos and find them to be quite interesting. I just wish that you’d had at least one every 7 or 8 days(Like the 1st, 9th, 17th, 25th, etc.). If you have no content, then just film yourself cooking and talking(LOL). You are wise in taking your time in finding your soulmate. I like the way that you respond to people who are not nice to you in what they say when they write. Instead of replying in the same spirit, you respond in a humble way. I commend you for that. I keep waiting for you to get your guitar off of the wall and just play something. When is that going to happen?

  25. Hello Ned. I recently watched some video’s on your YouTube channel. I like what and how you do it. I went to the Philippines for several times and i’m not an expert in Philippine culture or behavior. What i saw, so far, was the poverty all over the Philippines and everything what comes with it. I’m born in Germany but i decided in 2006 to settle down and open my business in China. My business focus on two main aspects. One, the natural environment and two, humanity and living conditions of those which are not so lucky to grow up in the US or Europe. My work and products are reflecting my visits in Africa, South America and countries in Asia, such as the Philippines. So i help to or design environmentally friendly products to save money for the people using them and other advantages. For example Solar LED bulbs which can save 100% electricity cost or our latest invention, a Mosquito repellent LED light bulb and indoor decoration lighting. (fighting Dengue Fever & Malaria). You may have a look in our Website to see the products and let us talk later how we can help Philippine people with low income to sustainable save money and improve the living conditions.
    Thank you Ned.
    My Best Regards
    Joerg Reiling

  26. Hi Ned and ChiChiy (sorry if I misspelled your name). Like many others I have been following your youtubes for many months now but unlike others I am not a facebook fan. I’m 64, business prof in California, been to Duma 5X and plan on retiring on Negros in ’21 or ’22. I’ve been planning this for awhile and lived in PI in the 80s as a USAF officer. I want to thank you for your video tour of Negros and insights into the reality of Philippine life. I’ve got tix to PI in October and November this year and look forward to meeting you in person. You are probably inundated with such requests but kindly stay in contact with me via email. I appreciate your time and promise to reciprocate. Very Truly Yours, Jeff.

  27. There are three NCA cemeteries on the islands. They are part of the VA, and you could be inturned at any of them at no cost to you or your family. They will even provide your family with one Amercian flag at no cost. Drop me a line if you’d like for me to forward additional information. I hope you guys are well, and see you around!

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