Why I moved to the Philippines

A few subscribers over at our Youtube channel had asked why I had made my move to the Philippines.  I hadn’t actually thought about it in a good long while (over seven months), but I found it pretty easy to list out the reasons why I made such a drastic relocation.  Basically it came down to:

1. Restlessness/itchy feet
2. Occupational burnout
3. Low cost of living
4. Get out of comfort zone
5. Seafood
6. Friendly people
7. Beaches/tropical weather
8. Loss of gratitude
9. Fiestas
10. Possibility of a family

For a deeper exposition, check out the video.

In other news, my insomnia finally caught up with me today, as it does every week or so, and I crashed this morning for hours after waking up at 5 AM and doing some computer work.  The constant waking up wide awake every two hours got old about three years ago – it leaves me groggy, irritated and confused.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a SOLID night’s sleep.

Michell is still sick – she had to do a half day at work today and has been basically sleeping the day away.  I picked her up some medicine in town today, and we are doing takeout from Alberto’s Pizza for dinner and watching a movie.  I hope she feels better soon, as you can really tell that it is I was badly sick about a month before her, having a nasty, nasty cold that laid me up in bed at one point for a couple of days.  And I just gotta say – it’s really wierd being in a tropical country and dealing with a cold – something I usually associate with a lifetime of freeezing and blustery New England weather.

I also hit up the fabric store to get stock for our curtains.  My fellow co-shoppers were a bunch of old ladies and a few fussy bayots.  Without “window dressings,” the house looks more like a spartan jail cell so we need something.  Michell has a friend at work who is making us up a couple of samples so hopefully that will work out well.

Tomorrow is out weekly little get together/pot luck with some other expats down in Dauin.  We haven’t been able to go due to a mixture of rain and just too many things to do with our move to the new house and the work we had to do on it.  I am hoping the weather will be nice tomorrow, as it would be nice to see our friends and get out of the city for the afternoon!


  1. I enjoyed your video . I am a Filipina living in the US . I admire your courage & determination to move to the Philippines.

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