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Greetings family, friends, and prospective foreign traveler, and welcome to my blog.  On the following pages, I will attempt to chronicle my experiences in moving to the Philippines, a move of 12,000 miles which was undertaken in November of 2013. 
Who I am:  I am a 47 year old American who arrived in Dumaguete City by way of Boston, Massachusetts.  I have no real prior traveling experience outside of the US (aside from visiting a few faraway places courtesy of Uncle Sam) and am in no way what one would consider a seasoned world travel.   Indeed, most of my travels have been conducted vicariously through the Nat Geo channel and some dude named Anthony Bourdain.  I am a former substance abuse counselor and am currently doing SEO content development from my tropical office.  Prior to moving to the Philippines, I had done a great deal of research on the country and had joined a Philippines expat forum about a year and a half before my move.  That time was well spent, as it actually prepared me for 90% of what I have encountered thus far.  Still, it’s the 10% that you’re not prepared for that keeps things interesting. 
So, pull up a chair, crack an ice cold San Miguel Pilsen, and enjoy the site.
Note that I also have a Youtube channel which you can check out here!



  1. Hi Ned and Michell! Enjoy your videos! Are you aware of liveandinvestoverseas.com by Kathleen Peddicord? Great website! Look what she writes about Dumaguete as one of the 10 best places to retire in the world!!! This lady has been all over the globe and she really likes Dumaguete!!! Very impressive!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!

  2. Hi Ned,,,,I have been following you for the past year and i love it…get up everyday to see if you have anything new,,lol
    I will travel to the Philippines for my first visit in early Jan. 2015. I would love to meet you and Michelle if I could,,,the meal is on me,,,hoping to meet up with Henry too,,,,I am looking to retire there in about 3 years….so I thought i had better start looking around…keep up the good work,,,


  3. Hi Ned and Michell, I found you guys while searching information about Bacong. I was searching information about Bacong because I met a beautiful Filipina who lives there with her twin sister and the rest of her family. She is …or seems ….to be a wonderful girl. Both our Astrology and Chinese Zodiacs are perfect matches if you believe in that sort of thing. I’m a Buddhist and she is Catholic. I live in Louisiana, USA. I’m 55 and she is 29. I intend to come over there to meet her within the next 6 months and when I get there, I’d like to meet you guys and go out to eat, my treat. I love your blog and I love the videos. Keep up the good work! Mike

  4. Hello Ned Hello Michelle ,
    I am French and Canadian citizen , My wife nathalie French , we travelled the world from the past 40 years . we came to philippines 25 years ago and we will love to move after we stop working to Dumaguete . But for this i need to study a bit the area . Thanks to your great videos , we learned a looooot . Now i need to look at the cost aspect ….example : medical for 2 , ( we are 58 and 53 years old ) cars to buy ect , opening a business . Do you know where i can find all this infos . i thank you in advance . i envy you every days and i love your work , detailed and to the point

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