Six months in the Philippines and YBR’s 4,000 KM check up

Outflow river from Kawasan Falls – beautiful water!

Well, it’s been a little over six months since this expat first landed in the Philippines.  To celebrate, I decided to sit down in a river near Kawasan Falls on Cebu Islands and do a little recap.  Basically, I am loving it here for three reasons:  The People (definitely reason number one), the Places, and the Things.  Every day – for better or for worse – has been an adventure here, and no two days have ever been the same.  The Philippines is truly a tropical paradise and what the people lack in material wealth, they more they make up for with a culture and social structure that is the strongest that I have ever experienced.

Check out the video:

My Yamaha YBR125 also went in for it’s 4,000 KM check up maintenance yesterday.  It has been a great bike thus far, and with it’s nearly 85 miles to the gallon, has been EXTREMELY economical. Although not a real off road bike, the knobby tires and modified suspension have served me very well on the Philippines sometimes rather challenging road networks.

Yamaha’s showroom in Dumagute
My YBR get some loving – it’s in the back with the carry box.

Michell has been doing very well on her scooter lessons, having not smashed into anything for a while.  😉  She has been following my YBR with her RUSI and successfully negotiated some pretty sketchy traffic yesterday during a ride up toward the thermal power plant.

Kawasan Falls in my hand…..
Little hydroelectric plant at Kawasan Falls.

Today we are starting our move over to the pink house in Bunao (BOO-now), a small barangay in the northwest section of Dumaguete City.  We have to do some furniture shopping today and maybe try to get a guy to do some painting and tile work before we fully move in.  It’s a cute little house – the only issue is the land dispute going on at the head of the road which might result in me having to park my truck away from the house.  I will try to get some video shot of the house today.

I also finished editing the Moalboal trip footage and posted it up on Youtube. It’s not overly exciting, but check it out if you get the chance.

Dismantling of the old “We Love Dumaguete” sign in Freedom Park


I finally found where the People have their Palace on Cebu Island.


  1. I am on Negros Oriental. Getting around to the other islands is pretty easy, and I am always down for seeing a new place. David and Chris are coming around December, I think, and I recommended Palawan to them as well. It’s supposed to be pretty stunning!

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