How I Met the Best Filipina in the Philippines, the heat returns, and curtain crises!

Some folks over at  our Youtube Channel  at taking exception to our latest upload, in which I recount how Michell and I met. Their beef is that THEY think they have found the best Filipina in the Philippines.  Understandable, I guess, but they’re only gonna get more infuriated when I let em not that not only do I have the best Filipina in the Islands – I have the best Filipina in the entrire multiverse!  😉   The video that we did is rather long and rambling, and I probably should have put it up in two parts, as I think 15 minutes is beyond most people’s attention span.   (Well, at least I know it’s beyond my attention span.)  We also need to put some work into framing and working on our audio – the wind was blowing something fierce and it tended to drown out my ramblings at times – which can actually be seen as a good thing by some.  Anyhoo – if you want to check it out, you can see it below.

The lovely, cool weather ushered in by a series of tropical disturbances has sadly moved on.  Although our Weather Channel app says it is 84°, it actually hit 90° in the house, forcing me to turn on the air conditioning lest my ASUS Republic of Gamers laptop melt into a pile of metally plastic goo. As I might have mentioned earlier, I’ve been having some problems with the laptop overheating.  I brought it to a local technician who replaced the thermal compound on the GPU’s heatsink, but it still continues to lock up when the temperature hovers around 88°. I still regret not taking the time to send my desktop PC to the Philippines in a balikbayan box.  The larger case had very good cooling and it would have fared much better in this hot and humid tropical environment. So if you’re thinking of coming to the Philippines long-term, and you have a desktop system that you really like, I would highly recommend shipping it over.  When I return to the states for a visit next May, I might get myself a decent system and do just that.

Last night, Michelle and I had dinner with our friend Mark who staying at our former place at Dumaguete Studio Apartments. Mark is a young, 20-something ex-pat from the United Kingdom who supports himself on the Internet. He knows a great deal about search engine optimization, setting up websites, and social media, and – since I know nothing about it and out Youtube channel seems to be doing well – I asked him help us out with the more technical stuff.  And when I say “more technical stuff,” I basically mean everything.  🙂   Mark was gracious enough to provide both a great deal of verbal advice, and he sends me an e-mail today listing out a variety of free resources that can assist me as I learn how to do this stuff.

We still haven’t got curtains for the house. We were counting on Michells’s friend from work to do them for us, but she had a series of medical situations with both her family and herself. In dealing with that, she doesn’t really have time to make a large amount (entire house worth) of curtains. So today, I stopped by a tailor shop and asked them if they did window dressings. The proprietor said he didn’t, but he took my number as he knew somebody who did. I just got a call in broken English and correctly assumed it was him. I passed the phone to Michell who was able to talk to him in Bisaya and set up the arrangements to get the work done. It’s weird living in a house with no curtains. Although we have a high concrete wall around the house, it still feels like living in a fishbowl. Of course I don’t let this stop me from wandering around the house in my boxer shorts, but that’s probably way Too Much Information.

My dear, sweet Pagadian Princess is cooking up chopsuey as we speak.  I continue to be grateful for the fact that she is such a great cook. I myself can barely boil water, so having at least one person in a relationship that knows how to prepare scrumptious victuals is a real godsend. She looked kind of bored cooking up dinner, so I asked her if she wanted me to download some music that she could listen to while she cooking. So, now I am downloading a bunch of songs by one of her favorite bands, Boyce Avenue.  Don’t ask – I am don’t know who they are, either.

Tomorrow I am also going to drop off our cutting implements at a local knife sharpener. With all the work we’re doing in the backyard, our garden shears and bolo (small machete) have gotten rather dull, I’m also going to sharpen up our kitchen knives and scissors.  Oh dear God, will the excitement ever end.

So, that’s about it loyal readers. Stay tuned for more updates!


Take care.



  1. You found the best Filipina in the world for you alright. I hope I’ll find the best one in the world for me too. Fingers crossed!

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