Heart Attacks, Snorkeling, and Difficult Neighbors, Part Two



Heart Attacks and Snorkeling

Michell called me at around 5 AM this morning from work to tell me that their manager had suffered a heart attack and they were all in the hospital. I guess it happened right in the office, and they were able to transport him to the hospital in one of the employee’s cars. It’s about 1 PM now, and I guess he is OK – just being kept there for observation.  It’s crazy how quickly things can go south in life, and the manager was lucky to have folks around him when the attack occurred.  Otherwise, the whole scenario could have ended quite badly.

Since I was up, I decided to blast down to Dauin and do some snorkeling. I had been there this past weekend and had been repeatedly charged by a titan triggerfish. I had my camera and was filming it, but got home to find out that my camera had failed me. 🙁 It’s having issues, so I switched to my backup. Hoping to recreate the attack, I snorkeled a bit and was able to find him. Oddly enough, he didn’t attack me this time, and I ended up just following him around. Sigh….. On the flip side, I was able to get some more turtle footage. Having subjected you to an endless stream of all things turtle, I am SURE you are all thrilled with that announcement. 🙂


Difficult Neighbors, Part Two – the Lumberjack

Shortly after the music/noise issues, I came home on day from town to find a bunch of big palm fronds lying around the yard of our house. Although my memory is getting worse, not better, I couldn’t for the like of me remember having cut down anything in our yard. Our neighbor was doing something next door, and I figured I knew what was up, but I went in and asked Michell anyway. She hadn’t seen or heard anything, as she had been sleeping (remember, she works very odd hours). I went back outside and noticed that “Tom” was carrying around one of those long poles with a cutting/pruning tool at the end. Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I was nonetheless able to put 2 and 2 together and realize that it was he who had cut down the fronds on the palm trees in OUR yard. At this point, I also recalled a prior conversation I had had with him in which he had confided his deep-rooted hatred of palm trees – I think it was the same conversation in which he told me he had PTSD, bipolar disorder and was an alcoholic. Anyways, I kinda coughed to get his attention and had a little chat with him. It went something like this.

“Morning, Tom.

“Morning, Ned.”

“Hey, could you do me a favor and not chop down the palm fronds in our yard? We don’t have a lot of shade on the house as it is, and we don’t want to lose any more.”

 “Well, Ned, the fronds are only going to die anyways.”

(Deep breath) “Tom, could you please not cut down the fronds from our palm trees?”

“They turn brown and then die, ya know….”

(Deeper breath) “Tom, please don’t cut down the palm fronds in our yard…”

He grumbled a final reply and then moved off.

The next day, I was taking a nap. I heard a scraping noise and assumed that it was his wife hand washing their clothes. Suddenly, I heard a crash and noticed that our bedroom got a lot brighter. Stumbliing outside, I was met with the sight of Tom cutting down three palm trees in his yard that were providing the last vestiges of shade to our house.

Well, I guess he showed me…….

I couldn’t really say anything, as they were his trees, so I just moseyed back inside, laid down, and wished that we had darker curtains.

Oh, yeah – with difficult neighbors, it’s definitely more fun in the Philippines!!!







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