E-Begging is Reprehensible / Announcing our GoPro Hero 4 Fundraiser!!


NOTE:  Camera fundraiser is over!  Thanks so much to everyone who threw in to upgrade our system.  If you donated, please see the bottom of this page – your first name, last initial and amount donated is noted.  And if you gave and didn’t receive a free copy of our book, shoot me an email at myphilippinedreams@gmail.com and I will send one to ya posthaste.  

One of my many – no, near nigh innumerable –  pet peeves is the number of folks online asking for people to give them money. Even more than motorists pausing in rotaries when they have the right of way or pedestrians sauntering along right in front of me while playing with their cell phones, these digital freeloaders are a menace to our great society.  Whether their “cause” be covering website operating costs, purchasing new computers, aquring aerial drones or padding their bar fine allowance, these fraudsters are nothing more than common crooks – being in nearly all cases nothing more than callous flim-flam artists and con men.

So, with that in mind, we here at My Philippine Dreams are VERY excited to announce our very own GoPro Hero 4 Silver fund raiser/ e-begging scheme!  All monies contributed from viewers will go towards the purchase of a GoPro Hero 4 moto camera package and assorted accessories including a skeleton housing, a new microphone, a stabilizer (for smoother videos), with maybe a few bucks left over for a Pilsen or two.

Our current – if dated – Hero 2 cameras are OK, but the Hero 4 offers a whole slew of improvements and also allows one to film in 720 P without any fish eye effect.  We will still also to continue to use our Sony Cybershot and Samsung S5 phone – because we all know how much everyone loves those rough camera vids!

Money donated will be tracked right on this page, with donor’s first names, last initial and amount of the donation being listed.  (You can see the first donor – Dan F. – at the bottom of this page.) As with our house building and feeding program donations, we want every cent of donated funds to be accounted for.  When doing things like this, you owe it to your donors to be as transparent as possible. 

And since we’re e-begging for new equipment, we might as well also note that we have a Patreon account – and have had one for over a year.  Here, you can donate an ongoing monthly support stipend of any amount you wish – even a single dollar a month can add up!

Our Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/philippinedreams?ty=h

Bottom Line: We work very hard doing what we do.  So, if you think our work has been of value to you, please consider donating directly to our camera fundraiser or through our Patreon account.

To donate directly to the Hero 4 fund raiser, just click on the Paypayl donate button located on our website home page or on any of the sidebars of our blog posts.

Thanks in advance,

Ned and Michell




Donors as of 2/15/16

Daniel F.  $29.74
Donn L.    $25
Dan N.      $20
Brian D.    $40
Dennis G.  $20
Gerald H.   $20
Willard B.  $ 20.20
Daniel B.   $50.01
Paul J.       $30
Swiss Corp. $50
Neil H.        $50
David W.    $25
David G.     $6
Frank R.    $50
Anonymous jogger who threw 1,500 pesos ($31.50 USD) at me on the boulevard.  😉
           TOTAL   $462.68


Thanks so much!!


  1. I feel like a party crasher when I can’t contribute. But hopefully there will be a month I can because I do enjoy any and all your postings.

  2. Good luck on the fund raising….your video on sulu sunset…actually convinced me to book a stay there…so I have sent a small contribution…thanks for all the info and videos…

  3. Gee, am I the first one to donate to help you out here? Sorry but that’s all I can afford at this time. I hope all the people who are enjoying your vids and blogs and getting something out of it, will follow my lead. Your vids and blogs are the best I have seen on living in the Philippines from an expats point of view. Very entertaining, and educational, with a good sense of humor. Keep up the good work there. Keep the shiny side up.

  4. My main reason for the donation is that I love the work you guys do for the kids and hope that this little “gift” will help you guys to keep going with the kind things that you do for the people over there 🙂 ingat/amping always

  5. Actually. …going in October. …have a reservation for the bungalow. ..and made deposit. Definitely plan on trying to charter boat and do the island tour….

    Coming to Philippines in September. ..few days in Cebu. …then Dumaguete …and then your favorite city…Mabinay ???????????? before heading to Sugar Beach.

  6. Hey Ned, That didn’t take long to raise money for your Go Pro, congrats, so when do we start seeing some new up dated vids. I’m looking forward to it :). I am wondering if you have received my email, or messages on FB?

    1. Hey Dan. I am still doing research on what type of camera we will get. I am looking for image stabilization, microphone input and excellent video quality. I will check FB and email later on today. Thanks, Dan!

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