Dolphin Watching in Bais!!

As I mentioned in the last post, Michell and I had the opportunity to go dolphin watching this past Sunday up in Bais.  The trip was sponsored by her employer, Global Office Works, and they were nice enough to invite along friends and family.  I guess that included me.  Woo-hoo!

We got up at around 4 AM as we were supposed to meet up outside the company headquarters in town at 5 AM.  I am an early riser (thanks to incessant insomnia), so this wasn’t a big deal.  We got down there on time and a few folks were late, so we were able to eat a quick breakfast before the jeepney was loaded up for the trip north.  As usual, there was another beautiful sunrise off of Dumaguete, and we caught some video and a few pix.

Sunrise on the Boulevard while waiting to go to Bais

Riding up to Bais.
Cool tree.
Fish farm near Tanjay.
Since there were so many people going on the jeepney, I headed north on my trusty YBR125.  Riding my “motor” (motorcycle) in the morning here is one of my favorite things to do as the early morning hours here are truly magical.  Once again, I wasn’t disappointed and caught some cool b-roll and photos along the way.  We rendevouzed in Bais at around 7:45, headed down to the big concrete pier in the harbor, loaded up a big 40 foot pumpboat, and headed out into the harbor.  We were a bit late getting out and there was some concern that the dolphins were taking their post-breakfast siesta.  Anxious eyes scanned the flat, blue water until…….. Dolphins!!!  The boat skipper brought us up along a pod and all aboard ooh’d and ahh’d while snapping up photos and video for posterity’s sake. 

Jeepney that we took up to Bais.
Loading up on a jeepney in Bais
Pier at Bais
A three hour tour……
Mmmmmmmmm…… lots of food!!
I had never seen dolphins close up like this, and it was – to put it mildly – pretty frikken awesome.  The small Spinner dolphins swooped and soared through the water like little acrobats and coasted along the boats bow before heading off to get some more breakfast.  I remember shooting video but later got worried as I couldn’t remember if I had taken the lens cap off.  There was no way to check it as I did not have the LCD screen BacPac with me, and it wasn’t until we got home that I was able to put my concerns at rest.

You can see the video from our trip on our Philippine Dreams Youtube channel:

Jack: “Dolphins ahoy!!”

Dolphin Watching – It’s more fun in the Philippines!!!!

Thanks to Rodney and Jane from Global Office Works for sponsoring the trip and putting in all the work and time to make it a VERY special day!


  1. Hi, I have a question for Michell, I met a girl from Bacong online…on a dating site and she really fell in love fast…like in 6 days. Should I be concerned? She seems very sincere.

    1. This is Ned, actually. We both say “yep.” That said, it’s also something that is not all that uncommon to hear. Filipinos are very emotional, but I would also be worried that she might be trying to “hook” you early in order to (hopefully) provide for herself and her family. Just take it slow and make sure you communicate that to her. (The slow part, that is.)

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