Cove Sands Beach Resort – Siaton, The Philippines

This past Monday we (about 6 other expats and their wives/girlfriends) took a trip down to Cove Sands Beach Resort in Siaton, Negros Oriental, which is about 45 kilometers south of Dumaguete.  One of the expats better half’s had recommended it, and it proved to be an EXCELLENT recommendation.
Disreputable band of pirates
And their better halves.
We arrived around 10 AM and immediately took a little tour of the place, noting the nice white sand beach, the floating cabana about 100 meters out in the azure waters, the lines of lounge chairs, and pleasant restaurant/reception area.  The white sand was a novelty, as the eastern coast of Negros is mostly darker sand – usually a dusky brown in color.  Like just about every day here in the Philippines, it was absolutely gorgeous and we immediately started a long day of doing basically nothing.  🙂
Lounge chairs and white sand….
Floating cabana – girls did a dance routine out there.
Food wasn’t bad at all!
Michell enjoying a margarita.
The ladies, of course, had to take a huge number of photos and then upload them to Facebook.  We ordered lunch, and although it took over an hour and half to get all the meals done, the food was pretty durn good and cheap to boot.  Further underscoring the cheap factor, was the entry cost – 100 peso’s “consumable,” which means you have to spend 100 pesos in food or drinks while you are there.  Being the Monday right after Holy Week, we basically had the whole place to ourselves until later in the afternoon.  The swimming was good as was the lazing about but there were no reefs out in front of the resort so there was no snorkeling.  Still, to stay the day at a white sand beach resort like this once again underscores that it is definitely “more fun in the Philippines!” 
                                             Yep. We have lost our women to Facebook……

Here’s the video:

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