1. this message is for those of us that are on medications i myself have 5 life time med’s that i need to take everyday .i get mine though optum rx my medications are mailed to me here in the states.i called optum rx and asked one of their customer reps if i lived in the philippines could i have them sent to me there. they said that they could mail them to me anywhere in the world.the only thing for me is that i would have to fly home once a year to see my doctor and have him renew my medications i have no army related issues otherwise i could use the va.hospital .rats.:)

    1. Hmmmm… wasn’t aware that med companies can mail stuff anywhere in the world. As for the doctor stuff, you could actually tele-medicine with a doctor for the scripts. And apologies for late reply.

  2. I am a Vietnam era veteran with a 100% disability from cancer developed from Agent Orange exposure in the late 60’s – in remission for over 5 years but I need supplemental oxygen for any activities involving extended exertion. I am in otherwise above average health.

    Questions: Does anyone know others there in the Philippines with similar issues?
    I am concerned this may disqualify me on the Visa physical.
    Would it be to my advantage to live within proximity of the VA Hospital in Manila?
    Once this Covid-19 crisis is behind us I hope to relocate to the Philippines.

    Any helpful advice and information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. The VA clinic in Manila is specifically for vets with service-connected disabilities. So you are goo there. As to needing supplemental oxygen, I don’t know if that would disqualify you. What concerns me more is your mobility getting around with a a tank. I am not sure if you have visited the Philippines, but you DEFINITELY need to do that before thinking of living here long term. Manila is hot, super congested and not PWD friendly. And apologies for late reply.

  3. I’m a longtime viewer and love watching your videos. You have a beautiful little family and I hope some day to meet you. I will be coming to the Philippines as soon as I am able. I’m hoping to spend a couple months. I have many friends on Mindanao but, also want to spend time on Negros. Keep the videos coming and maybe I’ll be able to meet you and your wonderful little family. Give Zoe and big hug and kiss from yet another fan. Peace and love be with you.

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