Badminton, the Dentist, and Moving On……


Badminton – like virtually every sport embraced by Filipinos – is taken VERY seriously here.  I never realized how seriously until we saw some professionals playing in a tournament down at Robinson’s Mall.  My experiences with the racquet and the shuttlecock were limited to some casual play when I was a kid.  So to see actual pro’s blasting that little cock hither and dither with not just brute power but sublime finesse was pretty amazing.  Our new buddy Darryl (he of the Hellboy Rouser 180 fame) and his better half, Maria invited Michell and I to play yesterday afternoon up near their house in Cadau-ay.  Not one to shirk a challenge, we rose to the occasion, met our opponents on their home turf, and got soundly trounced over the course of five or six games.  Ouch.  Actually, the real “ouch” wasn’t until the next morning when I tried to extract myself out of bed – the quads and glutes were more than a little sore.  Ah well – there’s always next time!  I can smell the victory in the air…….


Hellboys Custom Rouser 180
Hellboys Custom Rouser 180
Michell and I minutes before being crushed on the badminton court.....
Michell and I minutes before being crushed on the badminton court…..

I was shooting a video the other day and noticed during editing that my pearly whites were no longer exactly pearly nor white.  Thanks to the all the smoking and coffee,  I had developed some serious stains, especially on the lower front teeth.  Dismayed (like a diva – I am vain like that), I desperately asked around for a good dentist and was told the name Myrine Garupa time and time again. Rushing over to the office, I made an appointment for the next day (today).


Before - yuck!
Before – yuck!

Today arrived and we headed over.  Her office is on the same street as the BOI office, right next to Chris Pawnshop – No, not “Chris’s,” as they never use apostrophes here for stores, only when saying or spelling “shrimps,” “furnitures,” or “jewelries.”  The office was clean and efficient and I was ushered in to the clinic in short order.  After a series of “hmmmmmms…” and “ahhhhhs….” she set to work power washing out the offensive crud that had built up on my grill piece.  It was a lot of work and took about an hour, but after it was done, I was super-gwapo once again.  Total cost for the comprehensive cleaning was 700 pesos – about $16 USD at current conversion rates.  So, if you are in need of cleaning or any kind of orthodontic work, check her out – I give the experience 5 out of 5 Molars.


Don't let this happen to you!
Don’t let this happen to you!


After - All shiny and white (like my head)
After – All shiny and white (like my head)
Dr. Gupara's Clinic
Dr. Gupara’s Clinic



A final word.  You may have noticed the Mark Cohen videos are down and we have added notes to both of the blog entries on his PWD assistance dog situation.  Mr. Cohen at this point has basically lost all the support he once had (and he had many thousands of supporters), and he now seems to be dealing with some mental health issues that really can’t be addressed in the Philippines.  If you want to see our statement on that, check out either one of those posts.

Bahala na.



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  1. We just watch your video thank you for the shot out we appreciate that it made are day watching your videos inspires us to keep the dream alive it’s already 50 ° in cascade iowa we plan on coming to the philippines in 5 years to do some recon of the philippines hopefully you can wait that long for a beer because you deserve it

  2. I have been reading your blog from the start, and I really enjoy it, been learning more and more. I tried to visit Philippines at least every year and one of the many whys is to get my dental job done. It is not only cheap, the ways of services they render, but it’s the hospitality of the folks why I keep coming back. I am hoping to visit Dumaguete soon!

  3. Hi Ned
    I was in Davao in September and my teeth needed a clean, (its easier to get an audience with the Queen than getting an appointment to see the dentist, unless its an emergency)
    The Dentist had his practice (his daughter is a dentist as well) just off Matina Sq.
    Thought he did an excellent job, Im going back in April and I shall visit him again.

    love your vids

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