Personal Update 1.11.16 Bandannas, Sexy Bikes and One Lady’s Birthday


-Rama Drama
Someone left a comment on a recent video stating I should lose the bandanna, going on to offhandedly note that I looked like an old guy trying to look young.  I responded to his comment by saying that I had had it on as a cushioning under my helmet (the helmet leaves temporary red spots on my dome if I don’t) and then I thought, “Why the hell am I rationalizing wearing a bandanna in the Philippines?”
This isn’t the first time YouTubers have made comments about people’s appearance in the videos that I have taken during my time in the Philippines.  A few other people had recently commented on a gentleman sporting a moderate Mohawk and mullet in one of the Atong Kamalig weekly wrap up videos, noting that they wouldn’t be caught dead rocking such a look.  And who can forget the comments received about Ron having his shirt unbuttoned in our Halloween part video last year?  A whole bunch of folks got upset over that, stating that old guys shouldn’t be walking around with their bellies exposed. 

Even when it’s hot. 

And it’s his own frikken house.

willie 3
Time to lose the bandanna, Willie.

I’ve repeatedly stated that of the (many) things that I love about the Philippines is the freedom one experiences here.  Usually, readers will assume that I am alluding to freedom from rules and regulations, the actual enforcement of which seems to be the foundation for the insidious Western “Nanny State.”  Truth be told, that’s not what I am referring to – I actually believe that some law enforcement (helmet, littering, drunk driving, noise, emissions, burning stuff, etc.) would benefit the Philippines immensely, especially in how it is perceived by foreign tourists who invariably complain about how grimy it can be (especially in urban areas).  So, no – I am not taking about that sort of freedom.  Instead, I am usually referring to the freedom to be the man (or woman) that you want to be without being publicly judged by others – especially when it comes to appearance and age!  So, if you are an older guy (or gal) and want to wear a mullet, get tattoos or body piercings (or both), walk around barefoot, take up modern dance or rock a Mohawk, have at it brother!  Not too many guys here are going to take exception to what you do or how you look.  Long-term Philippines expats are a rather independent and unconventional lot – you kind of need to be to live here, so I rarely hear someone say, “Hey there’s so-and-so going around not acting his age again…….”

Yeah, that kind of freedom.

And since we are on the topic of fashion…..

David Bowie
Starman passed away today after a reported 18 month battle with cancer.  A really cool guy and a fantastic musician, my two favorite songs of his happen to be “Ashes to Ashes” and – believe it or not – “Fashion.”  As you may have noticed, I don’t give a rat’s ass for fashion and really haven’t ever seeing his Fashion video on MTV (linked below).  Bowie was also a pretty good actor.  Most people haven’t heard of the movie, but the Thin, White Duke had a very funny part in Monty Python’s Yellowbeard, which is hand’s down one of my favorite comedies of all time.  (“Arggh!  Come on, lads – there’s pirarting to be done!!!)  Bowie was also cool because he used to tour with my favorite guitarist of all time, Adrian Belew.  I had a few chances to see them tour but never made one performance.  Yet, another regret…… 

I am not sure if Sir David ever made it to the Philippines, but I did come across a photo of him in a traditional Filipino barong. 

david bowie in barong
David Bowie rocking a Filipion barong

We don’t need no stinking fashion!

Rouser Report
I finally got around to ordering a Shad bracket so I can mount a “top box” (storage box) on the tail of the Rouser.  Although I typically think rather highly of my attempts to simplify my life, I am fairly certain that the reason that I have put off mounting a box on the bike was because it just wouldn’t look sexy.  The Rouser 200NS is a pretty good looking bike, and after seeing a photo of what it would look like with the box I was rather heartbroken….

rouser with top box
The Box just ain’t sexxay….

On a final note, I just wanted to add that I am very happy with the Rouser.  I have gotten used to the different riding position and short turning radius over the last few months and am REALLY appreciating the extra power (150 percent more horsepower than a 125 cc bike and 200 percent more torque!) and – more importantly – the excellent brakes.  I am still concerned about the long-term reliability of the Kawasaki-badged but actually Indian-produced (Bajaj) motor-steed, but I guess only time will tell.


Michell’s Birthday
Michell is celebrating her 29th birthday tomorrow, and for the life of me, I haven’t prepared a thing in the way of birthday festivities – no card, no gift and no real plans.  And while realizing that I am the greatest gift that any human being could possibly receive not matter what, I probably should try to line something up.  We are going out tonight for her birthday dinner and seeing Star Wars tomorrow at Robinson’s but….

Argh – I’m not good at this stuff!

Then again, since Filipinos typically pay for and arrange their own birthday parties, maybe I could somehow shift the onus of responsibility onto her.  Bwahahaha – that’s the ticket!  So, tonight I will ask her, “So hun, what have you got planned for us on your birthday?”

That should work, right?



  1. Love your attitude and spirit! Whiners will always whine . . . Best decision I ever made was marrying my Filipina wife from Bohol. Can’t wait to build a small house on our property in Bohol.

  2. Ned…I just can’t understand why some idiots just HAVE to find something to piss moan about, but your bandanna ? REALLY?? I personally would block them for life, as I have NO patience for that stuff. As for
    the new box on your Rousey…It might not look Sexaay, but it DOES balance out the front to the back of
    the bike. My parking garage neighbor got one for Christmas, and the only concern I have is that it appears to stick out a bit too much for me, but that’s just me. Now as for Michelle’s B-day (HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY MICHELLE !!)…If I would have been asked, I would have suggested secretly bringing in her family for a day or two to celebrate, and also so they could see the Engagement ring and give her a hug for that. All best wishes for you both.

  3. I had a 750 F back in the ’70’s. You could get the hard side bags as well as the top box. That might balance out the back end a little better. As for Michell’s birthday , I too wish her a happy birthday.

  4. As a fellow crome dome, I don’t think people that arent follically chalanged really understand how brutal the sun can be on a shiny white boy dome. One hour outside without a hat or bandana and your head is toasted. Rock your bandana or a hat, it’s way better than skin cancer or a peeling scalp.

    1. Thanks for adding that! This close to the equator, the sun is FRIKKEN brutal on any exposed flesh. Everyone here rolls around completely swathed in long sleeve shirts/jackets, pants and either helmets or face wraps (usually a t-shirt and goggles). The folks with the heads wrapped sometimes look like Tusken raiders.

  5. Great shock David Bowie passing away.
    Not generally known he was suffering from cancer.
    An Icon who had longevity, and up there with John Lennon and Freddie Mercury.

  6. Do you think you can talk Michelle into buying a bunch of flowers for her birthday too??? After all, it is her birthday. Ahahahaha And I too would like to wish her a Happy Birthday 🙂

  7. And back to the Bandanna issue, maybe we should all accept the advice I saw on one of those Quotes websites: “BE CRAZY. BE STUPID. BE SILLY. BE WEIRD. BE WHATEVER. BECAUSE LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE ANYTHING BUT HAPPY!” And if wearing the bandanna makes you happy, then go for it and dont worry about what anyone else thinks. Besides I think it makes you look like a really BadAss Biker Dude AHAHAHA!

  8. Great post Ned, I have come to the realization over the past few years that there are SO MANY sad souls on social media that really don’t have a life and want everyone else to be as useless as they are.
    Happy Birthday to Michell, and good luck with putting it on her about plans????
    And finally prayers for David Bowie’s loved ones.

  9. Ned don’t worry about people complaining. Geez…..I like the bandana looks good on you. Its how as heck there and with no hair i just imagine the sunburn on the crome.

    Happy Birthday Michel one more year you’ll be old hehehehe. I am so glad she works and gets the experience the fruits of here labors in going to school.

    I will be traveling to Dipolog in March for few days the shortest time i will ever visit PI. but i need the visit my lastest Girl friend hoping to be last. I fixing to start ASU in the fall. I have been contplating on doing Online program there but too many brown outs in Dipolog for that to happen. Can you imagine in the middle taking test and have to explain that one to the instructor.

    Have a Great Day!!

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