1,200 Police Officers Fired in Canloocan, Friction with the Commission of Human Rights and Intimations of National Martial Law


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This week I’ll be talking the major shakeup with the Philippines National Police in the NCR and continued strife between the President of the Philippines and the head of the Commision of Human Rights in the Philippines. 

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First up……

Caloocan Police Force

Entire Caloocan City Police Force Fired
The Caloocan city police force was recently fired (reassigned, actually) following the questionable killings of three teenagers and released CCTV footage showing some of the police force robbing a house.  The 1,200 affected officers will be relieved of duty in “batches” and will receive 45 days of ‘re-training’ after which they will be reassigned to other police units. 

The three teenagers include Kian Delos Santos (17), Carl Angelo Arnaiz (19) and Reynaldo de Guzman (14).  The Department of Justice started an investigation in the delos Santos slaying weeks ago (read more about it HERE) and the parents of Arnaiz and de Guzman have also filed murder, evidence planting and torture charges against two Caloocan police officers.

The death of delos Santos under very questionable circumstances was followed shortly afterwards by the killing of Arnaiz.  Police testimony noted that the former University of the Philippines student was shot dead during an exchange of gunfire after he allegedly robbed a taxi driver.  That testimony was later refuted by a government forensic specialist who noted that Arnaiz was apparently handcuffed, tortured and then shot five times.  According to his parents, Arnaiz had left his home with the younger De Guzman (aged 14) to purchase some snacks.  They never returned home.  Arnaiz’s body was found in a city morgue 10 days later.  De Guzman’s body was discovered a short time later floating in a creek north of Manila.  The teen’s body was perforated with 28 stab wounds and his head was wrapped in packing tape.

Carl Angelo Arnaiz

To add to the continuing controversy, CCTV footage taken a few weeks back also caught 13 Caloocan officers apparently robbing a house during a drug raid.

Officers accused in Delos Santos Killing

In related news, a police officer from Manila allegedly shot one of the soon-to-be fired officers of the Caloocan city police force after an argument over a tooth pick.  The Manila officer apparently got into an argument over a toothpick with a civilian patron at a local eatery.  The civilian apparently left the resto and returned later in the company of a Caloocan police officer.  The police officer from Manila apparently pulled his gun and fired at the civilian but accidentally hit the police officer from Caloocan.  The injured officer is now recovering from his gunshot wound while a manhunt is on for the police officer from Manila.

Balikbayan Box Update
Have still not received any reports of anyone being hit for the new BB regulation fees and tariffs.  A number of people have noted, however, that the paperwork required for the sender is now a lot more involved – complete listings of every item in the box is now required. 

And now onto the next bit of news….

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Duterte to Head of CHR – Are You A Pedophile?
The president of the Philippines teased Chito Gascon, the head of the Philippines Commission on Human Rights this past week, asking him if he was a pedophile.  The question issued by the firebrand president is a result of Gascon’s objections to the recent killings of three teenagers in Caloocan, allegedly by members of the city’s police force which is now being fired en-masse.

As to the comments on Gascon, Duterte publicly asked, “Why is this guy so pre…suffocated (sic) with the issue of young people – especially boys?  Are you a pedophile?”  Later, he continued, “Why are you smitten with teenagers?  Are you?  I’m having my doubts.  Are you gay or pedophile?”

President Duterte has had issues with Gascon and the Commission for Human Rights since taking office, with the Commission strongly objecting to the thousands of Filipino citizens who have died during the nation’s war against drugs.  The president has also stated that he believes that Gascon is a spokesman for the opposition to his policies and continued scrutiny of aggressive anti-drug activities conducted by the Philippines national police.

“Why can’t you move on to other issues that are besetting this country?” the President asked of his head of Human Rights.

The actual spokenswomen for the Commission of Human Rights said of President Duterte’s comments, “These are remarks that do not show respect for the dignity of others. The public must understand that the death of children concerns us all as they are especially vulnerable and need state protection.”

Chito Gascon, Head of the Commission on Human Rights

And finally, in related news:

Anti-Duterte protests are planned this week for September 21, which just happens to be the 45th anniversary of the start of martial law under the Marcos regime.  This past Friday, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana warned the citizens of the Philippines that the President may expand martial law nationally if the upcoming protests against his rule become overly disruptive or violent.

And finally, the battle in Mindano against insurgent ISIS forces still straggles on, the “Rocket Man” in North Korea is still having fun playing with his growing nuclear arsenal, and god only knows what’s going on in ‘Murica – I  try not to look.

Time to get another Pilsen delivery….

Bayawan Boulevard – June 2017




  1. So the 1200 police officers from Caloocan were not fired at all,they were disciplined, are being retrained and reassigned to different divisions. This is far from being fired. Fired means you are removed permanently from your job. I’m sure that this will help any problems they were having I. This division and will send a message across all police divisions that this behavior won’t be tolerated.

    1. Mr Bato will need some new staff for the Marawi police station once the AFP have stabilised the situation there.
      I’m not sure how many of the 1200 will still be welcome working in Caloocan after they have been retrained but freshly trained (retrained) staff may just be what they need in Marawi.
      Hopefully none of them get sent to Negros to replace the 6(?) Officers killed by the NPA.
      But that is just me jumping to conclusions that all 1200 are bad instead of just a few rotten eggs spoiling the reputation of the PNP in Caloocan.

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