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Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve put up a photo montage, so once again it’s long past time to once again inflict some serious eye injury upon our subscribers.  Note that all of these pix were made with my “new” Samsung S5.  So far, I have been very happy with the quality of that phone’s camera.

First up, it’s Summer.  And if you’ve been to the Philippines or are living here now, you know how hot it gets.  This year in particular is frikken brutal, with many long-term expats and Filipinos saying it is the hottest Summer that they can remember.  To beat the heat, we (Cory, Dina, Michell and I) decided to hop on our trusty motors and zip up to Twin Lakes.  (“Zoom” being at best a relative term, as our little engines don’t really have all that much pep.)  This is the third time I have been up here, and if the weather does’t cool off soon, I just might pack up my stuff and move in.  The ride up to Twin Lakes is is gorgeous, with panoramic views off to both sides as you make the twisty accent.  I’ll put the You Tube links to the video we did up there last year at the end of the montage in case you want to check it out.

View of the First Lake

There are two lakes at Twin Lakes, hence the name.  Clever, huh?  The first one has little cabanas to sit at and have a picnic and also offers kayak rentals.  The day we went, the kayaks were “out of stock,” as they were all damaged.  Not to worry, though, boats are for wimps – we preferred hiking through the jungle to the second lake!  You can see us hiking along the well-maintained path in the video that is linked at the end of the montage.

Big Log with Low Water Table

Another photo of the first lake.  This summer has been VERY dry, so the water level is low.  That huge log that you see there was barely above water the last time that I came.  You can also see the dock for the boats, although none of the boats were working that day.

Log Boat Brother Harvesting Abacca Fibers

Filipinos are badass.  This gentleman had spent the day harvesting abacca, a fiber that is used for all kinds of native works.  His basked is on top of the “boat” that he uses to paddle around the second lake.  We later saw him walking down the mountain with the pack strapped to his back.  These guys are amazing and know the jungle inside-out.  I am pretty sure that the only thing he brings to work in the morning is his bolo machete – he just fabricates everything else he needs to make a days wage as he needs them.  If I was dropped in the jungle with just a bolo, I’d probably be crying within 20 minutes and dead with the hour….

Michell and Dina on Log at Second Lake

Here are the ladies at the second lake.  There is another big log that sticks out into the water, and it’s a good place to sit and have the fish give you a free pedicure.  Not to let go of too much of my inner manliness, but it actually kinda tickles….

Michell Getting a Free Fishi-cure at the Second Lake

The fish LOVED Michell’s feet, the twisted little perverts.  While they were getting their feet done, Cory and I hopped into the lake to cool off and float amidst the swaying foliage.  I will do all of our subscribers a solid by not posting any pictures of that.

After floating around the lakes, we went back down the mountain a bit to have dinner.  A Filipino architect has built a beautiful resistant on the side of the cliff and also lives there as well.  You can tell he is an architect as the resto’s layout and design is simply stunning.  The food was good and the views of the valley below were simply amazing.  The one photo of the view I took below does it absolutely no justice, and I am actually embarrassed to put it up.  If you’ve been to Azalea, you’ll know what I am talking about.  🙂

Azalea Restaurant on Way Up to Twin Lakes
Azalea Table Setting
A Bad Photo of the Beautiful View


The Dumaguete Police Department seems to have gotten a new motorcycle.  Most of the time they cruise around on Honda XR 200 enduros.  Now they have a Kawasaki Rouser.  I can’t tell if is it a 135 or 180, but I know it’s not a 200 or 220 as it  doesn’t have a monoshock in the rear or back disk brakes.  The Rouser engine is actually made by Bajaj, an Indian manufacturer, and the bikes are very popular here in the Philippines.  They ooze cool factor, but for me, the seating position just isn’t all that comfortable.  I still wouldn’t mind having one, though.  

Dumaguete Police Rouser – Watch out Mad Max


There is a newish restaurant down in Bacong/Dauin.  It’s about 1 KM north of Garcia’s Restobar and it’s called Gerry’s on the Beach.  A very nice Canadian gent and his better half run it and it’s literally right on the water.  I didn’t get any photos of the place itself or the very good food (brick-oven pizza, ya’all!), but sometime soon we are going to grab the GoPro and head back down to do a full-on video.  Well, that and eat some more pizza!  Michell and Dina grabbed my S5 and went onto the sand to take some pix.  Here they are:

Fishing Boat Pier – Fresh Fish Daily!
Kids in their Sandbox – Uh… Waterbox. Nice life!
Always Time for Selfies!
Fishing Boat Heading Home
Stranded Starfish

Stranded Starfish Post-CPR Attempt…

And finally, Michell and I went out to Mia’s down by the airport for dinner.  Afterwards, I talked her into a game of pool.  She had never played before, and even though I suck at pool, I was able to thoroughly trounce her.  Honestly, I have no idea why she puts up with me like she does…..  Oh, and even though the lighting makes her arm look even thinner, you can see how much the recent events have taken out of her.  Gotta get more food in her…

She Just Pretends it’s My Bald Head….


Well, that’s enough photo-pain for one day, I reckon.  See ya next time!!



  1. Helli Ned and Michell,
    My wife and I really enjoy your videos. Very helpful and incouraging. We are planning to return to Philippines for good this year. My wife is from Aklan and we have been married over 31 years and now that we are retired here we come. Thank you for all the good work you two do and your good hearts show who you really are. Thank you and may God Bless You.
    Avery and Merly Jordan

  2. Can’t think of a better trip then to spend the day in the company of those two lovely ladies. Take care of that girl. You are one lucky dude, I hope you know. Really like this style of your postings. Videos are nice, but these are “different.”

  3. Ned and Michell, I am now caught up with all your videos and blog post and can’t wait for new postings. I was born in PI (physically I can blend in, just don’t let me speak) and now am in the process of retiring after almost 24 years in the service. You guys have given me a sense of ease in making my decision to retire in PI as I have decided along time ago to actually settle in PI after retirement. I think as long as you have an open mind and be able to adapt and conquer, you can make your life fruitful and an eventful one. Again THANK YOU both for sharing your experiences and by that makes it for others to have their cheat sheet or hand rail when we start life there. “Ranger’s lead the way!”

      1. PI Dreams, I was born in Manila (PGH) and left at 6 years of age. I was just there last xmas and new year on PCS Leave. For me, spending the holidays in PI is so much fun. I still have family/relatives in Nueva Ecija.

      2. Seeing your postings especially the water made it easy for me to decide. I am PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (spent a long posting in Okinawa, Japan), I can use that as a sidejob. I just need to tag along with the local dive shops there. I may suggest that you should think about that too.

  4. Loved all the pics…Judith and I stopped by the restaurant on the way up to the lakes,,,as a matter of fact I was talking to you on the phone as I sat there enjoying the scenery…keep up the good work,,,

    1. Yeah, it’s a very nice place. You can tell the guy is an architect as well – the design, layout and decoration are all pretty amazing. When its not El Nino dry up there, the valley the restaurant overlooks is quite verdant and lush.

  5. I love beautiful architecture. Takes a special skill with a matching imagination to come up with that.

    I would love to Hangout with you on Google+

    Would that be possible? I have some questions about Foundation…I may be teaching there.

  6. Thank you for the great photos and for sharing them with us. God Bless you and Michele. May you both always find true happiness and love!

  7. Beautiful views Ned.
    Also the Filipino’s also have such beautiful smiles, even their eyes seem to smile, hope I making sense.

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