LIVECAST: Mawari Liberated, Support for Drug War, Manila Unsafe and Underwear is a Thing…..



Mabuhay one and all to the Philippine Dreams bi-monthly This Week in the Philippines Livecast, where attempt to address issues that could affect foreigners living, studying, working, retiring or doing basically anything in the Philippines.  It’s all about the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly side of daily life in our little archipelago.

This week, we’ll be talking the two-day transportation strike, the liberation of Marawi, Filipino support for the drug war, underwear Facebook profile pix and a few recent studies examining the safety and security of living in Manila.

But first….

Congratulations to friend of the channel, Sara, who just gave birth to a baby girl.  Congratulations on your dai, dai.  (Just don’t call her Neeed.)  Wub you, Sara!

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Underwear is a Thing……
OK, so this is an odd fad in the Philippines.  I have noticed that some of the guys in the “People You May Know” feed on my Facebook are rocking crotch shots of themselves as their main profile picture.  Come to find out, this seems to mostly a thing with the Filipino gay community but also seems to be going a bit more “mainstream.”  Unfortunately, the Philippine lesbian community hasn’t taken up the same fad as I have yet to see profile pix of gals rocking their favorite panties.  Bigly sad!

(I will do you a solid and not include an image….)

On to the News….

Transportation Strike
Jeepney drivers across the nation conducted a two-day strike to protest what they see as an “unjust” jeepney modernization plan.  The transport group, PISTON (unpronounceable Tagalog acronym) reported that 225,000 of the 250,000 franchised jeepneys across the nation joined the strike which resulted in the government preemptively shutting down some schools and job sites.  The modernization plan is intended to replace most of the smoke-belching diesel monstrosities with electric vehicles in order to increase transportation efficacy and cut down on pollution.  National transport groups are protesting that up to 600,000 jeepney drivers and 300,000 operators would be driven into unemployment if the plan is brought to fruition.  Despite the nation-wide strike, the government still intends to move forward with the plan.  In response, the director of PISTON stated: “If they will continue the plan, we will also continue our strike.  We have no choice.”

philippines jeepney

Ned Can’t Talk
A quick Thanks to whoever corrected me on last week’s Livestream when I was using decisive instead of divisive.  Words are hard!!

philippine pnp police swat drug war

Most Filipinos in Support of Drug War
A Pulse Asia survey conducted in September noted that 88 percent of polled Filipinos supported the nation’s violent war against drugs.  Nine percent noted that they were unsure of the methodologies employed and only 2 percent stated that they were opposed.  Yep, two percent.  Despite this, 76 percent expressed concern that some innocent victims were getting caught up in the drug war, most notably the drama surrounding the killing of Kian Delos Santos. 

Despite the latter reservations, the government seems to be pleased with the report, with spokesman Ernesto Abella declaring, “”This goes to show that our people appreciate the administration’s efforts to reduce the incidence of crime and make the streets safer and the communities more peaceful.”

He then went on to say of the Catholic Church, “”It is unfortunate that the Church has been a staunch critic of the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign. We appeal to the Catholic Church hierarchy to encourage some of its leaders to be more cautious in their pronouncements that drive a wedge among the flock.”

The Pulse Survey also noted that 73 percent of the respondents believe that extra-judicial killings are taking place. 

This comes President Duterte’s recent decision to strip the Philippines National Police of their leadership in the Drug War, placing the much smaller Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in that position, with the PNP only providing support to their operations.  This decision by the president seems to come after a drop in trust and satisfaction scores conducted by another survey last month.


Marawi City Liberated – Mostly
As I am typing this up, the Philippine government has just declared that the fighting in Mawari on the southern island of Mindanao has finally come to an end, with President Duterte stating, “”I hereby declare Marawi City liberated from the terrorist influence that marks the beginning of rehabilitation of Marawi.”

Military leaders added that the fighting is not yet over but it will only be “a matter of days” until the last opposition is mopped up.  On Monday, the government noted that the deaths of two major terrorist leaders in the city left the remaining rebels without any leadership. 

It took the Philippines military nearly five months to overcome the Maute terrorist clan, killing a reported 857 enemy combatants.  162 government soldiers were killed during the conflict as were 47 civilians.

Mawari city – once home to over 200,000 Filipinos – is the largest city in the province of Lanao del Sur and is also its capital.  Much of the once-bustling burg is now a plain of raw, somewhat glowing rubble.


Manila is Unsafe(?)
The city of Manila was recently listed the 10th most unsafe place to live in the world, according to the 2017 Safe Cities Index.  I posted this article up on my Facebook page and commenters ripped into it with a quickness. This is the first time that Manila has appeared on the Safe Cities Index, and the index measured the safety of a city based on a variety of social and economic factors including health care, infrastructure (transportation, internet, electricity), physical safety, and the like.  The study goes on to note that Manila was lacking in income, technology skills, and dealing with infectious diseases and the increasing threat of climate change.  Most the ten most unsafe cities on the report are in Southeast Asia.

Another relevant study noted that Manila is also one of the most stressful places to live in the world, citing rampant pollution, congestion and “hellish” traffic

Finally, another study just released by the United Nations has noted that about 720,000 Filipinos are at risk of being displaced due to natural disasters such as typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes and flooding. South and Southeast Asia was once again in the top 10 and the Philippines came in at number 5 greatest risk among the 204 countries that were taken into consideration. Topping the list were India, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

manila most dangerous cities in the world


And speaking of dangers posed to the Philippines, here are some photos taken around Dumaguete over the past few days.  A low pressure area is stalled out to the west and Tropical Storm Paolo is chugging along to the east, resulting in the worst flooding I have seen here since 2013.

So, that’s pretty much it.  Take care everyone and see ya next time!






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