German National Murdered in Siaton, the Philippines – Dieter Pust, Aged 79

This article might be going out a little late as I am waiting on verification of the German’s actual murder.  Other than the initial Facebook post and an American friend of the slain German contacting me yesterday, I can’t find any other sources of information.  And after incorrectly reporting on the death of another German national a month ago, I think I will just wait on further corroboration.

Corroboration has been established.

This article is being published for educational purposes and serves as a warning to any foreign national living, working or vacationing in the Philippines.  By publishing these articles and videos, it is not my intent to show that the Philippines is inherently unsafe – it is simply to cover and review the good, the bad and the occasionally ugly that is expatriate life in the Philippines.  

Keep in mind that far more foreigners are killed or injured by motorbikes than by Filipinos.  

Yep – scooters are a greater threat by far.

Now, on to the sad news….


German National Murdered in Siaton
A usually reliable Facebook group has noted that a 79-year-old German expatriate was recently stabbed by his live-in girlfriend and later died at the hospital.  The spot report noted that the incident occurred in barangay 3 of Siaton, a municipality on the southern tip of Negros Oriental (about an hour south of Dumaguete).  Oddly enough, the time and date of the incident is noted as being 9:45 PM, Tuesday, June 25 which doesn’t seem possible as a friend of his contacted me about the murder Tuesday morning. Regardless, the report goes on to state that the victim’s name was Dieter Pust, a 79-year-old German national.  The alleged perpetrator is noted as being Amelia Albona Alviola, a 46-year-old Filipina national. They were both residing together at barangay 3, Siaton.

According to the report, the two had engaged in a “heated argument.”  The victim then tried to leave the house on his motorbike, but his girlfriend allegedly came after him and stabbed him in the chest.  [Looking at the photo, it looks like he was stabbed in the right armpit. Knife strikes to the armpit are very dangerous as a major artery (axillary) artery runs through there and it doesn’t take long to bleed out from such an attack.] After being stabbed, Mister Pust was taken to Siaton hospital for medical attention.  In a classic case of too little, too late, the German national later died from his wound. His girlfriend later turned herself in to the local Philippine National Police station.

Further information notes that Deiter had been having problems with his girlfriend for a while.  Before this murder, he had made reservations to stay long term at the Sweetwater Resort in Zamaboanguita, apparently leaving his rental unit to his Filipina partner. He had returned with some helpers to move boxes of his stuff from the house.  At some point, he apparently tried to take the motorbike (which was in his name).  This caused his girlfriend to go into a rage.  She reportedly then ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.  She returned to the front yard and then allegedly stabbed Mr. Pust in front of the witnesses. 

Please note that incidents such as these are rather rare, especially considering the number of foreigners in the Philippines.

Rest in Peach, Dieter and we all hope your family comes to peace with this.



I also noted another killing in the area that same night, this time just north of Dumaguete  in neighboring Sibulan.

Filipino Stabbed to Death in Love Tryst
This appears to have happened 1 AM on the morning of June 25.   The spot report notes that it occurred on the north national highway, in barangay Bunao, Dumaguete City.  According to the submitted data, the victim, Romel Enriquez, of ‘legal age,’ and his girlfriend, one “Julienne,” were “dating” in a certain abandoned building structure located beside the Dumaguete branch of Cycle House.  Suddenly, the suspect, one Jaylord Marmito of Sibulan, rushed into the abandoned building and stabbed the victim in his left chest.  The suspect then fled the scene of the crime and the victim was taken to Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital where he was declared Dead on Arrival.  The report also notes that the suspect was immediately arrested, so there is that.

So, once again we have what ostensibly seems to be a heat-of-the-moment murder through relational cause.  I am not sure if the victim was killed over jealousy, but the circumstances of the incident sure point in that direction.

And finally, with all the murders aside…..

Fighting Between Communist Rebels and Government Troops
There has been a noticeable uptick in ‘communist rebel’ activity in Negros Oriental recently and this is more of a travel advisory than anything else.  There has been gun battles between soldiers of the Philippines Armed Forces and militia units in Manjuyod and Santa Catalina over the past few weeks. Manyjuyod is north of Dumaguete City is noted for its famous white sand bar and dolphin and whale watching.  Santa Catalina is a bucolic little seaside town just south of Bayawan on the western side of Negros.  The fighting has resulted in casualties on both sides of this decades-long insurgency. 

The incident in Manjuyod occurred on June 22nd while Philippine military forces were operating a medical and dental mission.  A force of approximately 20 National Peoples Army fighters attacked the army troops.  Over the course of the ensuing hour-plus firefight, 1 army soldier was killed in action and three others were injured.  The government reposts that 300 families have been displaced due to the ongoing hostilities with 12 of the families being temporarily housed in the municipal gym.   

The Santa Catalina attack occurred on June 21 when ten armed members of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-NPA) attacked a military detachment at 5 AM.  The troops immediately returned fire and a 30 minute firefight ensued.  The NPA fighters then withdrew, leaving two of their dead and a small assortment of weaponry behind. No injuries were reported on the government side. 

That’s about it.

Be safe all.




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