Fearless (and Peerless) Michell the Mighty Spider Hunter!

Running around nekkid as usual…..
I got no problem admitting I’m a pretty tough guy. (Can you hear the sarcasm?)  I’ve been around the block a few times, and there’s not a lot in this world that actually frightens me. That said, we just put up a video in which one of my (many) fears is explored in harrowing detail. I am not quite sure where I acquired arachnophobia; I think it has something to do with watching creature double feature on Channel 56 in Boston as a child. I can remember one movie in particular which revolved around the theme of a giant mutant spider that was attacking a town and killing just about anybody it could sink his fangs into. I can actually remember – I think I was around eight years old or so – waking up in the middle of the night and imagining that I saw spiders lurking in the shadows on the bedspread on the other twin bed that was in my room. I also
It looks bigger in real life (sort of…..)
Catch and Release Spider Relocation Program

believe that was one of the nights that I wandered into my parents room seeking solace. Needless to say, they weren’t too thrilled with their wimpy eight-year-old son joining them for the evening.

Upon entering into this relationship, Michell and I agreed that I would protect her from snakes and she would protect me from spiders. She is quite the fearless spider Hunter, as this video shows, and actually played with spiders with her playmates as a kid. Spider fighting is actually pretty popular amongst children here. The kids capture the spiders and keep them in match or pale boxes. They then use a stick to take the spiders out and faced them off against their friends spiders. The spiders are usually jumping around and the kids get used to handling them at an early age. The United States we didn’t have that, and spiders – to this day – are something that completely freak me out. Not so for my significant other who has no compunctions about grabbing them up and caring them outside.
Our curtain woes continue. We had contacted another Taylor to make a set the sample, but after four days he didn’t have anything done and said simply that he needed more material, which we know he didn’t need. Today, I ventured off into another Taylor shop and Uma gets a, and passed off some fabric and a written sketch of what we wanted. The tailor their seem to know what he was doing and told me that the sample would be ready tomorrow afternoon. We have been in the house for almost 2 months and living without screens is like living in a fishbowl. Here’s hoping that it will all work out.
We are also continuing work on migrating our blog from Google to WordPress. I am pretty excited as this will provide me the opportunity to customize the site and provide better resources to our subscribers. There are a bunch of free documents on the Philippines that I would like to provide people with and that is one of the things that WordPress offers. It will also provide me more opportunity to put up links to other people’s videos, photographs, and writings on any and every thing related to living in the Philippines. Right now we are in the process of choosing a theme, but since I don’t know what I’m doing it’s turning into a laborious process. One subscriber offered to share a nice paid theme, but I haven’t heard from him since I replied.  (Ahem – hint, hint. )   /bigtoothysmile!
It’s Wednesday, so we are heading down to Dauin for our weekly picnic. Today is another birthday celebration, and lechon baboy (bbq piggie) is on the menu.  Michelle does not get out of work until 1 PM, and since the picnic starts at 12 PM, I am hoping that there will be some left over pork scraps for us. I have not decided yet whether I’m going to take the motorcycle or the truck for the 24 km trip. The weather is still unsettled and I don’t want to get caught on the motorcycle in the rain. Although it is hindering me from taking long trips I am still impressed by the cooler temperatures that have been ushered in by the rainy season. We have only used air conditioning one evening this week, and that was only for a couple of hours. Michell is actually cold at times, while I am finding it pretty agreeable. I gave her a ride to work at 3 AM this morning because of threat of rain, and I felt her shivering behind me during the entire 10 minute trip.

Rainy season – it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Take care ya’ all and see ya next time!

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